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Reina Valera 1995 Edicion De Estudio Pdf 36




The version of the Bible that has been most widely used in the evangelical church has been the version translated by Dorothy Kelley, published by the English Baptist Publication Society in 1960, using the Revised Version of the Bible (RVR). This is the translation that has been the basic text most used in churches all over the world. She had consulted the manuscript from the Reina-Valera Bible Society and made several adjustments to correct the errors and inconsistencies that she found in it. Dorothy Kelley was not the only translator to use the RVR. Reina Valera, who had been commissioned to translate the Bible into Spanish, completed this Bible in 1959, while he was preparing a revision of the Bible called "Study Bible" or "Bible Study". She called this revision "Study Bible" to avoid confusing the work of Reina Valera and the Study Bible, because he was producing the Bible study in his spare time. She also used the RVR, which was very popular at the time, because it was published by the English Baptist Publication Society and was very easy to use. She had already used this RVR version in her previous translation of the Bible, which she made at the beginning of the sixties, and for which she won a scholarship for the translation and translation research that she was conducting at the University of Michigan. This Bible, Reina Valera, was translated into Spanish in 1959. Although it was not published at the time, it is a version that took a lot of work and care. The style of the text is very simple, but the translators have tried to make a study Bible for women. It is a study Bible, which means that there are translations of certain verses of the Gospels and the Letters of Paul, which are in the original language, but also other translations, more or less literal, of these passages of the Gospels and Letters of Paul. It is a study Bible and a translation of the entire Bible into Spanish, for men and women. She used the RVR of the English Baptist Publication Society as a basis, and she modified some of its translations of the Gospels and the Letters of Paul. She also had an important contribution to the Bible translation of Reina Valera when she offered her translation of the Books of the Apocrypha. She translated most of these books, even the one of Judith. They have been included in this Bible with the permission of the Spanish Bible Society. This Bible also included her translation of the Nueva Biblia de Don Inoc




Reina Valera 1995 Edicion De Estudio Pdf 36

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